LogoDesign.co offers graphic and web design servicesAt agency level quality and standards & At extremely affordable and reasonable rates!


Over 3,500+ happy customers have been served by us, from over 100 countries and across various industries.



We have delivered over 5,000+ projects from our wide range of graphic and web design services offered.



We pride ourselves of being one of the fastest agencies in the world in terms of projects turnaround and delivery time.



Our customer service and support will revert back to you on any inquiry within 24 hours from your message submission.



We design pixel perfect vector based and 100% custom made and bespoke unique logos (NO clipart / NO templates) at the most affordable and competitive rates in the entire industry. This includes 4 different design concepts for the client to choose from, and we deliver in all industry standard source file formats: PNG – JPEG – AI – PSD – EPS – PDF


A company’s visual identity is not restricted only to logo design, it goes beyond that to include other graphic design not less important than the logo itself. Those design elements along with a company’s logo form its comprehensive brand identity. Stationery design that we specialize in includes but not limited to: Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes


A website has became a must for any business to showcase their products or services to their audiences. But in order for them to stand out above the rest of the crop in an overcrowded place such as the Internet, their websites need to have a killer design. Many companies have relied on us to design for them responsive and search engine friendly websites that convert!


We specialize in a variety and in a wide range of graphic design products. We are an all rounded design agency with over 10 years of experience.  Our talented team of creative designers would be happy to assist you in all your design needs according to your business requirements whether be it banner design, infographics design, brochures, leaflets and flyers design.


Ziad B. Tannous

Ziad is the founder of LogoDesign.co and he’s proud of it. He treats his design start-up like his never aging newborn baby and pampers it as such. Besides his fatherhood devotion, he has over a decade of experience in web and graphic design. Ziad is an all round experienced digital marketer too!

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Alexandra Lazopoulos

Since her youth, Alexandra inspired to be a graphic designer. She had her higher studies in the same field and worked for several design agencies before joining onboard LogoDesign.co. Her talent and creativity in handcrafting amazing logos and other brand identity material, are truly impressive!

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Fahed Salloum

Whenever the team is stuck on some coding issue, Fahed comes to the rescue! Fahed is a development and design programming nerd who spent his time perfecting clean CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript codes. What spinach does for Popeye, coffee does for Fahed… He turns into a designing engine on steroids!

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Nadia Anderson

Nadia felt in love with everything graphic design. Since her early age she started to refine her knowledge and skills in Adobe design creative suite. Now Nadia is expert in using those industry standards tools and she never ceases to amaze our clients with her unsurpassed talent and creativity!

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We have served hundreds of clients across various industries for all their graphic and web design needs.

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We pride ourselves to be one of the industry’s most affordable!
  • $39 /00
  • Logo Design

  • Four Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • All Source File Formats
  • 48 Hours Turnaround Time

Best Buy

  • $49 /00
  • Logo + Stationery Design

  • Four Logo Concepts
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Business Card – Letterhead – Envelope 
  • All Source File Formats
  • $29 /00
  • Other Graphic Design

  • Infographics – Banners – Flyers – Brochures
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • All Source File Formats
  • 48 Hours Turnaround Time
  • $499 /00
  • Website Design

  • CMS-Based 10 Pages Website
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Scalable for an Additional Agreed Rate
  • 3 Weeks Average Turnaround Time




Freelance Designer

Design Contest

Gigs Marketplace

Design Agency

Logo Maker


USD 29 - USD 49 | Extremely affordable agency level quality and custom design work! This comes with a massively generous four different design concepts and unlimited revisions until 100%% guaranteed full customer satisfaction! The most affordable in the entire industry - Period!
USD 100 - USD 2,000 | Rates vary according to freelancer experience, quality of the portfolio, creativity, talent and outreach. This also depends on the freelancing platform fees and other hidden charges. Rates significantly vary according to client's project size and complexity.
USD 300 - USD 3,000 | Rates vary according to each client's project budget and business requirements as well as the fixed fees charged by the design contest platform. With design contest, it's you get what you pay for type of business transactions. Usually complicated process.
USD 10 - USD 200 | Gigs pricing differ between one freelancer and another. Rates start with for example one design concept, two file formats (JPG and PNG), one revision and start increasing by offering more design concepts, more vector files formats (PSD, AI, EPS, etc.) and more revisions
USD 2,500 - USD 50,000+ | Design agencies are the most expensive option that a client could opt for. They charge heftily for their graphic design services. It is not uncommon at all for agencies to charge tens of thousands of dollars for their services.
USD 10 - USD 50 |
The way logo makers and generators work is that they allow the user to download a low resolution version of his or her design and should they want to opt for a much higher resolution file format, they are expected to pay premium charges for that. Even then they can't download vector files.


Guaranteed high-quality, 100% custom and bespoke designs from a full-service team of experienced, creative and talented graphic artists. Logos and other graphics are handcrafted to perfection, without any reliance whatsoever on clipart, stock or template based artworks, which make the designs truly unique, original and one of their kind. We can't stress enough how crucial and important it is to have personalized branding!
Designers vary from limited to broader experience but tend to have a smaller portfolio and their work ranges from low to mediocre quality. Many of them employ clipart, stock and template based artwork which render their designs less unique and original. Don't be surprised to see an identical or very similar logo to yours showcased and employed by someone else. Uniqueness and originality in branding are crucial for success!
Design contest usually consists of freelancers and agencies, some with limited experience and others with more capable skills, talent and expertise. However the major problem with such platforms is that only one designer will be financially rewarded by the job offeror which demotivates designers therefore their work submitted usually lack quality and originality and the final results turns out to be subpar and inferior.
Gigs marketplaces are full of low grade designers who rely heavily on template based logos full of stock and clipart artworks. The practice there is very misleading as designers operating from within this type of marketplaces usually charge one to several gigs per design project depending on different packages offerings which most of the cases are of subpar quality and fail miserably to let a company's brand stands out.
Design agencies vary according to the quality of the services offered from mediocre to industry standards level. This depends on the expertise and talent of the team, the type of clients they serve, and their international outreach. The major disadvantage of such agencies considered renown and reputable is the extremely high and unreasonable rates that they charge their clients.
Logo makers and generators are automated software and applications that users may employ to quickly put together a basic logo from different assembled pre-designed and pre-made graphics elements. There is zero genuinity, creativity and uniqueness in such low quality and generic designs and one can easily come across another logo almost identical to his or hers somewhere else. Highly not recommended even for the most budget conscious clients.


We always strive to deliver personalized services in a timely manner and exceed our clients expectations. Very quick turnaround time at an average of 48 Hrs per graphic design project. Very responsive in terms of sales and technical support, 24 Hrs responsiveness rate. The fastest in the entire industry!
Dealing with freelance graphic designers could easily turn into a nightmarish experience especially if the designer doesn't speak English very well and lacks communication skills. They usually have no commitment to timelines and fail to deliver as per client's expectations.
What applies to freelance designers also apply to freelancers working from within a design contest environment.
Because the majority of them are also freelancers. Therefore being on the same page with them could prove to be a tedious and exhausting exercise.
Gigs marketplaces are full of freelancers who want to quickly move to higher ranks and make quick money and don't really care about their customers satisfaction as long as they deliver on time according to the preset time by the system. This could lead to disastrous results for their unhappy customers.
Design agencies support and customer follow up vary from one agency to another.
However a professional agency delivers solid support to its clients and try to retain them to become recurring customers. But this comes at a very high cost.
Due to the automation level involved in the logo creation process, there is virtually no support or customer follow up in logo makers and generators platforms or apps. However some of them do offer a form of ticket based support but they are usually quite slow at reverting back to their users base.














We run several digital marketing agencies spread across many areas of the world, we outsource a big chunk of our work to LogoDesign.co for their marvelous quality services and quick response rates, offered at extremely competitive prices.


I have hired LogoDesign.co to take care of all the visuals needed for my online businesses and social media pages. Since partnering with them, my conversion rates have rocketed sky high. I highly Recommend them for their superior services!


I have dealt with many graphic and web design agencies in the past… However I have never in the life of me came across such a talented, creative and professional team of designers all gathered in one place! The customer support is also unrivalled!


We first have hired LogoDesign.co to design a stunning logo and stationery for us, after the impressive work delivered at such affordable and reasonable rates, we decided to partner with them on a long term basis. Two Thumbs Up!


When we visited LogoDesign.co website for the first time and looked at their pricing table, we couldn’t believe it that such quality level work could be done for such low rates… So we tried them and their work has never ceased to impress us ever since!


Forget about agencies, marketplaces and freelancers who charge you hundreds and thousands of dollars for unimpressive work that will cost you an arm and a leg! The creativity and talent of LogoDesign.co team plus the affordability are unsurpassed!


The truly amazing thing about LogoDesign.co is not only that their graphic and web design services are second to none… but it is also the fact that their extremely fast turnaround time and responsiveness rate are quite unparalleled in the entire industry!


I own a bakery franchise business in many Eastern European countries. We are in constant need of marketing, advertising and promotional material to be designed for us such as brochures, menus, flyers, etc. and LogoDesign.co has never disappointed us!


I work as the Marketing Head for an Asian based advertising agency. We have partnered with LogoDesign.co to handle our digital media design needs such as static and animated banner ads. Our clients conversion rates are truly phenomenal!


We run a big network of online businesses across various industries such as e-learning, digital marketing, design services and video production. We have teamed up with LogoDesign.co to handle many of our projects and their work is really stunning!


Address: Beirut, Lebanon | Email: hello@logodesign.co | WhatsApp: +961 79 30 99 29